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Hey there, I’m Marjy – Digital Creator and Content Manager who focuses on keeping things oh so simple. If there’s an easier way to get things done, I’m gonna find a way!

I love breaking things down into simple steps, working with like-minded folks who are ready to GSD (for real this time). So, if you’re an imperfectionist or a multi-passionate creator looking to streamline your business systems or level up your content game, you’re in the right place!


There’s an easier way to do what you love — get someone else to do it!

Pick a path + let’s make things happen

Clarity Session

I have way too many ideas and want to focus on the most important things.

VIP Tech Day

I need a SaaS pro to help me with a specific tool so I can launch with ease.

Content Manager

I want to focus on posting consistently, without worrying about editing.

What clients are saying...

We would have given ourselves a headache trying to figure it out as it is not our specialty. Marjy did it effortlessly! I would recommend Marjy if you need help with WordPress and CRM platform integrations!
Zaakirah M.
Phocused Media Group
She helped me by saving time and money. This is beneficial to a small nonprofit because we do not have the funding to spend thousands of dollars. The result was a beautiful, functional, and easy-to-use website.
Sherry G.
Building Families Together

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