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Helping solo bosses launch their offers + streamline their client experience 
– from inquiry to offboarding – in one day

What's holding you back?

Most solo service providers have that do-it-yourself mindset when they’re first starting. It comes in handy in the beginning but isn’t time to focus on launching new project and connecting with your audience?

How I Help You Grow

Build Your Site

Make it easy for ideal buyers to book and buy from you

Set Up Systems

Streamline your workflows and back-office operations

Jump Start Launch

Helping you plan and launch your digital products

Ready to launch + grow?

If you’ve ever thought – “there has to be a better way…”, then you’re absolutely right. There’s always a better way!

I have firsthand experience with the frustrations that comes with being a DIY service provider. Researching and watching every YouTube video so you can launch your next big thing. Spending weeks and months without knowing what to do with all this information. Ready to throw in the towel (and laptop) once again.

After running around and doing all the things with no clear path, I had to pause and get organized – from front to back. So my goal is to help you skip all the BS, all the tutorials, and all the guesswork. By doing all the work so you don’t have to, you save so much time and frustration by following your personalized step-by-step plan to finally launch your offers and streamline your client experience.

When you book your VIP Day, we’ll work together to create that plan and help you go from busywork to productive. Book your project today to get started.

It only takes a few minutes…

What clients are saying?

We would have given ourselves a headache trying to figure it out as it is not our specialty. Marjy did it effortlessly! I would recommend Marjy if you need help with WordPress and CRM platform integrations!
Zaakirah M.
Phocused Media Group
She helped me by saving time and money. This is beneficial to a small nonprofit because we do not have the funding to spend thousands of dollars. The result was a beautiful, functional, and easy-to-use website.
Sherry G.
Building Families Together

3 Simple Steps to Launch

VIP Day helps you launch your offers and simplify your back-end operations without the tech stress. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or content creator, we’ll work together to launch your dream project and make sure every client/customer has the same experience from front-end to back.


Tap “Launch Your Project” to get more info, then fill out the form to tell me all about your biz.


You bring your ideas + goals and I’ll bring my CX + tech skills, we’ll create an action plan.


You can now get back to business and be free to focus on what you do best.

Certifications + Training​

Growth-Driven Design Certificate