Digital Creator, Content Manager, and your go-to SaaS Guide

I’m a problem-solver passionate about using technology to make your life as a content creator or online service provider easier. We all know tech can be a PITA and creating content consistently is a struggle. That’s where I come in! 


Can it be all so simple...?

I specialize in one-day software setups for platforms like Honeybook, WordPress, Dubsado, and Notion. No more headaches or wasted time – I’ll get you up and running smoothly so you can focus on what you love to do.

I’m also a content editor and manager, ready to help you create, manage, and elevate your content across YouTube, podcasts, and websites. Whether you need engaging videos, polished podcasts, or a data-driven content strategy, I’ll help you achieve your goals so you can confidently show up online.

Let’s simplify the tech stuff and amplify your creative voice together.

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Basics: New Yorker based in Atlanta, GA. Scorpio, INTJ, 3/5 Projector, night owl, self-taught techie. Faves: 90s R&B and Hip Hop, pizza, bagels, numerology, astrology, YA YA to AMEN, Attack on Titan. 

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