Ms Guery Web Services WordPress Websites for Creative Freelancers, Client and Admin Support, and WordPress Maintenance and Support

Workflow and WordPress Support

Be free from all of that drama that comes with running an online business. Whether it’s creating your website, providing client or web support, my goal is to help you grow your dream business while I work on back-end operations.

I work with fellow creatives + makers (designers, developers, photographers, multimedia artists), service-based business owners, and tech-intimidated bosses.

If that sounds like you and you’re ready to get back to why you started, just pick a project below and find out how I can help.

(If you’re looking to hire for your company, I’m available for freelance or contract work – get in touch)

WordPress Services
Admin & Client Support
WP Maintenance & Support
WP Development for Designers" alt="client and admin support for creative freelancers

WordPress Services

For you, if you know the ins + outs of your biz and need more than just a website. You’re ready to upgrade to get the results you want and need to *stay* in business.

Admin & Client Support

Get the support you need to stay organized so you can focus on money-making tasks. Project support, research, and basic bookkeeping for your growing business.

WP Maintenance & Support

Skip the 5011 tutorials and let your favorite techie handle your website. Get the updates, backups, and design tweaks you need without breaking your site!

wordpress websites for creative businesses

WP Development for Designers

For you, if you rather watch paint dry than code. I use HTML, CSS and Sass, jQuery, and PHP to build responsive websites and create an easy to manage admin area for clients. You get to stick to doing what you love and they’ll get support + tech training to learn how to manage their site.

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