How to Become AWS Certified in 2021

Update on becoming AWS Certified: The original plan was to study for the Solutions Architect exam, but I took a step back and prepared for the Cloud Practitioner exam instead. I passed in Feb. so I’m adding resources I used to pass the CCP. If you’re studying for the Cloud Practitioner exam, check Resources here.

Starting April 1st, I’m studying for the Solutions Architect and want to share what I’m using to prepare for it. Plus, you’ll see how I mapped out my 30-day study plan.

I’ve heard good things about these 2 courses on LinkedIn and Twitter so I jumped on the $9.99 deal from Udemy. (I think they’re having a $12.99 deal now.)

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Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020 (Link to course)

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams (Link to course)

Study plan for AWS Certified SAA

Now with these courses, I created a study plan in Asana (inspired by Ari Hale’s video here) to keep track of my progress. The good thing about using these 2 courses is that it adds up to 33 days (added a buffer to review notes). So my plan is to do a section and each practice exam from both courses every day. I’ll keep reviewing notes and taking practice exams until it’s test day.

(What worked for me – watch the videos and bookmark important parts, take notes from those bookmarks as a cheat sheet or on index cards. If there are slides, copy and paste notes or highlight. Record yourself reading those notes and then listen to them whenever you can until it’s test day. And don’t forget to do the hands-on training.)

If you plan on using these courses and want to add this to Trello or Asana, here’s a Google Doc with every section listed plus the length. Copy and paste it to your board.


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