WordPress Support

Who wants to spend hours and hours Googling or Stack Overflow-ing looking for answers? (I mean I do, but I know that’s not what you signed up for, amirite?) Let me help you get out of the research phase and get you back to growing your audience and bank account!

30-min Clarity Session
Have questions about WordPress or how to get your website client-ready? Get the answers you need today without the information overload. This call comes with a recording of our call, plus a Better WP guide with a list of tips, tools, and resources. Add a website review to the mix and I’ll take a look at your site as an ideal client and web developer to give you ideas on how to improve your client experience.
This 30-minute call costs $85. Book a session today!

Peace of Mind care plan
Whether light or heavy traffic, always keep your WordPress website up to date. With this ongoing support and maintenance plan, I’ll take care of updates, minor bugs, broken links, and you’ll get monthly reporting so you know what’s going and spend less time researching error messages.
Starting at $85 per quarter. Learn more.

Weekend Website
Ready to (re)launch your website but want to skip the technical stuff? This is package is for you! Have your theme and recommended plugins installed and configured in 2 days. Includes uploading your brand elements (logo, colors, fancy fonts). This includes a video walkthrough of the front and back and one-week email support. Plus, a guide to get your website client-ready. (No theme? Choose from one of these.)
Starts at $575. Email me to learn more.

CX Website for service providers
Want to upgrade your DIY website? Let me help you impress your clients with an upgraded look + feel. The goal is to create a great end-to-end client experience – from visitor to easy onboarding to racking up testimonials. Package includes 3 months of Peace of Mind care plan, SEO tips, a walkthrough of your site, recommended tools and plugins set up to make it easy for ideal clients to book a project and easy for you to update and create content.
Starting at $4700. Learn more

Learn WP: Create a starter theme
Perfect for designers who want to improve their WordPress skills. Learn basic PHP, theme development workflow, plus recommended tips and tools to learn more. We’ll meet up weekly or bi-weekly to go through what you need to know.
Email me to learn more.