Launch Your Creative Biz Website

Your DIY website is in need of a major upgrade. But you remembered how long it took you to launch the last time.

You finally found the perfect theme then had to figure out how to make changes to it. Chat support is no help so now you’re on your own. Weeks pass and it still doesn’t look exactly the way you want. Six months and 14 themes later, you just throw anything up and call it a day.

Don’t you want to skip the drama and launch a website you can be proud of?

Well, you came to the right place! Here’s an all-in-one package to help creative + non-tech-savvy bosses launch, promote, and grow their dream business – without the hassle.

This package will set you up with tools and resources so you can take care of your clients and create dope work. What’s included in every project:

Unlimited support during project – so much hand holding your S.O. will be jealous

Launch in less than 12 weeks – streamlined and organized process to get you ready for the world-wide web

Post-launch training – don’t want to leave you hanging so you’ll have some quick tutorials on how to use your new site

Support non-profits – 10% of the project goes to organizations like She’s The First and ACLU

customized wordpress and genesis themes for creative businesses

And whether you have a design in mind or starting from scratch, your website will have:

Demo site created to keep your current site up and running while we work behind the scenes (see live updates and suggest changes)

Mobile-responsive and user-friendly theme – you caught their attention, now it’s time to keep it (whether it’s on an iPhone or Dell desktop)

Email marketing set up (+ lead magnet) to start growing your list

Social media integrated to make your awesome content shareable

Search-engine-friendly + Google-ready so your ideal audience can find you on the webs

Way to track your results so you’ll know what’s working and how to keep your audience coming back for more

Easy to manage backend area and video tutorials to learn how to use your site

60 days of WordPress Maintenance and Support after launch so you can focus on your biz (minus the tech stuff) – includes backups, updates, and email support ($120 value)


Master Plan Workbook – we’ll figure out + talk about what goals you and your ideal audience want to accomplish

Content + Copy Checklist – know what to write on your essential pages, plus a list of blog post ideas

Systems setup – set up tools to turn email subscribers into clients/customers, add scheduler for new leads to book appointments, and create email templates to send them questionnaires, intro packets, proposals, and welcome packets

Hosting Special – Site always down? Looking for a better web host with great customer service? Book now to get 1-Year free web hosting when you switch to Siteground (StartUp plan) or Flywheel (Tiny plan)!

Investment: starting at $1800

Payment plans are available

Other Services + Add-ons

Set up shop to sell digital products, membership site for courses + subscriptions, online donations for non-profit orgs, photo galleries for your portfolio and show off your skills, calendar for local shows + events, forums to build your community

Quick Theme Install + Launch ($600+)
Boss on a budget? Choose from one of these pre-made themes and launch in 2-3 weeks. Includes photo + logo uploads, plus video tutorial.

WP Training
Walk you through the basics of WordPress. Learn how to: publish post, update and maintain website, add pages or logo, and more.

Method to #BizGoals

Learn – Fill out the contact form so I can get to know about your goals + struggles. We’ll also ask and answer any questions we may have for each other + see if we go together like PB&J sandwiches.

Create – If it’s love at first Skype/chat, I’ll send an invoice for deposit and an agreement so we can get started on your website.

We’ll have a few lunch or dinner dates to keep each other updated with the goings-on. During the project, we’ll talk about the look + feel of the site and how to create helpful content to grow your audience and attract ideal clients.

Teach – Your site is launched + now it’s time to promote, promote, and promote some more! At the end of the project, you’ll have all the tools and resources to grow your biz.

And you’ll now be in the running towards becoming the next top boss. I’ll teach you how to use your shiny new site with all the tools you need, plus 60 days maintenance and support.

If everything sounds like your cup of Bustelo, answer a few questions on this form so we can get started ASAP!