Tripwire Funnel: How to Create Yours in WordPress

Thinking about creating a tripwire funnel to grow your email list AND generate sales at the same time?

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to set up your first funnel for free in WordPress.

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Watch the video here:

What you’ll need to get started to get set up in less than an hour
1. Lead magnet and opt-in form created from your email marketing tool
2. Sales page for your one-time offer
3. Thank you page to redirect when tripwire offer expires
4. Digital product to offer
5. Link to cart or checkout page

How to Create Your Tripwire Funnel

Login to your WordPress dashboard. On the right, hover over Plugins and click Add New, search for HurryTimer, Install Now then Activate.

You should now see HurryTimer on the sidebar on the left, now hover over it and Add Campaign.

Add your Campaign title – “Product – Tripwire” and then click Evergreen.

From Settings, under the Schedule tab, we’ll say this ends safer 10 minutes. Restart when expired, pick None.

Under the Actions tab, pick Redirect to. The Redirect URL is where you’ll send the subscriber after the tripwire expires. 

This could be the full sales page for your digital product, resources page, thank you page to tell them to check their inbox for the freebie, or your blog.

Under Appearance is where you’re going to change the timer to match your brand colors. 

In Elements, pick block and center. Change the text and color for the Timer Digit. Time Label, hide days and hours since your offer is only 10 minutes. 

Change the size, color, and position of the Headline. 

In Call to Action, change the button text to “Save $10” or “Get 50% for the next 10 minutes”. In the URL box, add the link to the cart or checkout (with the discount applied, if possible).

Change the size, text color, radius, and padding. Then turn on Open in New Tab.

Click update and copy shortcode and paste it on your tripwire sales page. 

Example Tripwire Page: Toolbox Offer

In a new tab, create a new page if you don’t have a sales page. Title it “Thank You” or “Special Offer”.

Add a block and choose Shortcode to paste the code there if you plan on creating the sales page from scratch. 

Related: If you need help creating a sales page, check out Sales Page in a Day to create yours today.

If you already have a sales page, copy it and paste on this new page. Make some changes to create a short-form version since this is a limited time offer (no time to read all the details, so keep it short). 

If you’re using Elementor, you can use one of their pre-made templates. After you click Edit with Elementor, click the folder, pick a template, and click Insert. To add your shortcode, head up top to choose your block. Search for “shortcode”, and paste the HurryTimer code here. You can design it and then Duplicate to have your timer at the beginning of your page, the middle and the last section. Click Update when you’re done. 

And don’t forget to have a Buy Now button that links to your tripwire product. Place this button under each countdown timer.

Whichever way you create your sales page, copy the URL slug. You would need to add this to add to the custom success page in your email marketing tool. 

For example, from your opt-in form settings in MailerLite, check the Custom success page box, and then add the link to the tripwire sales page here. Make sure to save/update it. 

Now, next time someone subscribes to your opt-in, they’ll be redirected to this tripwire product page. Make sure to test your tripwire funnel by signing up as a subscriber. 

Tip: If you’re being redirected every time you visit the page, head back over to the HurryTimer settings, and click Reset. This will reset the timer so you can view the page. 

Pro Tips

Create new graphics for social media and Pinterest and to start promoting your blog post or freebie optin form. 

Make sure your email sequence is set up for new subscribers – one for new subs who purchased your product and one for those who didn’t purchase. 

Not sure what to write for your sequence? Happy Subscribers Toolkit includes 104 email templates so you know what to send to your list every week, plus sales email scripts for your funnels.

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