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How to Prepare, Organize, and Improve Your Workflow

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I know you’ve read plenty of posts on how to find + get clients but what happens after they book a session with you?

You’re probably thinking:

What do I say during our first chat?
How do I keep track of my projects and clients?
What do I do after the project is finished?
How do I ask for testimonials + referrals?
My business is growing, where do I find members to my dream team?

If you’re new to the biz world and don’t know where to start or a seasoned boss that wants to improve your current workflow, this free email course will help you do all the above + more.

Instead of winging it + going with the flow, this course will help organize your workflow, find tools to simplify + automate your process, and at the same time provide great customer service + support.

Yep, all of that + more. In one spot. For the low-low. As in, free.99.

What to expect
Day 1 helps you map out your workflow so you can stop winging it at the last minute
Days 2 – 4 takes you through the onboarding process – from new lead to new client
Day 5 has tips on how to manage clients + projects
Day 6 helps you wrap up your project, get feedback, and follow-up to keep you on their mind
Day 7 will have tips on how to handle your admin + backend parts of your biz

Inside you’ll find
11 email scripts so you know what to say + when
7 checklists + cheat sheets to help you create your own templates (proposals, info, welcome, and goodbye packets)
done for you toolkit with a template folder, Trello board, list of tools + resources

Alls you have to do is add your info below to get started + you’ll get a step-by-step guide that will make your biz life easy + clients happy.

So skip the research and get everything you need to know, learn, and do for your project-based clients by clicking below and telling me your name and where to send the goods…

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