20+ Spring Cleaning Tips Your Online Business

When was the last time you’ve done some spring cleaning for your online business?

We’re going to use me for example:

Visitors click a link to book a paid consultation, but all they see is a blank page and no where to book – for monthsss.

Someone signed up for an old email challenge that I no longer offer because I forgot to take the page/opt-in form down.

Finally learned my lesson – no more free discovery calls. But I keep forgetting to remove the link from my website and email signature.

Created a video showing you how to create a tripwire funnel, and I forgot to put the link back after the video. So, no savings for you, no sales for me… just vibes.

This was me every single time, learning hard lessons and leaving money on the table –> 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤦🏾‍♀️

Skip the procrastinating, boss. Go over this list of to-dos so you can handle your business and avoid all the facepalms.

Here are some spring cleaning tips you can do for your online business in one week. Use this checklist to get organized!

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First: Create a Batch List

Before you get started with this checklist, let’s get you organized by creating a batch list. This helps you avoid task switching to get more done.

  1. Brain dump all of the things you have to for your business. Write down or add to a task/project management tool.
  2. You can add each task to one of these categories, for example, operations, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, professional development.
  3. Star or move the most important tasks to the top of the list.
  4. Schedule your batch time (time block) – pick day or hour.
  5. On your batch day, grab a drink and some snacks, have some music or true crimes show playing in the background.
  6. Use the Pomodoro method and start your timer for 25, 45, or 90 minutes and get to work.
  7. Anything left on the list can be saved for the next batch / theme day.
  8. For ongoing tasks, add those weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks to your project management tool.
  9. And don’t forget to treat yourself for all your hard work.

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Checklist: Spring cleaning your business

Now, use this list for inspiration and get to work!

Website Tasks

  • Update/refresh your copy for the most important pages: Home, About, Sales/Services, Contact, FAQs
  • Update/refresh your blog posts for SEO. Archive any out-of-date posts.
  • Test your forms – contact, email opt-ins, or any you have on your landing pages
  • Back up your website then update plugins and themes. Remove ones you don’t need.
  • Check to make sure your tripwire funnels are working. (Sign up as a subscriber to test it)
  • Update your Link in Profile/Bio pages. Check all links and make sure it’s in your social media bios.
  • Not offering a service anymore? Over free discovery calls? Remove it from your services page or switch to paid consultation.
  • Or, keep it up and make some changes to pricing, for example. (Add some testimonials, if possible.)
  • Getting too many spam emails? Remove your email address and link to your contact page.
  • Update and change your passwords. Use a password management tool like Bitwarden or LastPass.
  • Check links, fix broken ones (those 404 pages).

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Email and Social Media

  • Update social media bios.
  • Update email signatures.
  • Clean up inactive subscribers from your list.
  • Update your welcome sequences, emails campaign templates.
  • Refresh your opt-ins and freebies.


  • Refresh your graphics, like your Canva templates, for example. Do the fonts, colors, photos still represent your brand?
  • Update your target audience if anything has changed or you’ve niched down.
  • Check your stats and analytics. Update anything that needs improvement.
  • Pull quotes for your blog posts and add them to your scheduler.


  • Update your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Read Traction or Systemology for tips.
  • Refresh your templates from your project management tool. Update your scripts, too.
  • Check your CRM workflows – lead management, onboarding, and offboarding.
  • Update your proposals, contracts/agreements, privacy pages, and terms pages.
  • Check your affiliate links to see if they’re still working.
  • Refresh your Pinterest, Facebook, IG ads.
  • Go digital + paperless. Scan receipts and docs to cloud-based services.
  • Save money and cancel any subscriptions you’re not using. Or look for other all-in-one apps like Honeybook or Dubsado to manage your clients and projects.
  • Quit playing and send out those outstanding invoices.
  • Unsubscribe from any email lists. Delete any emails for inbox zero. (You know you’re not going to read them later.)
  • Learn some new skills or update old ones. Try YouTube, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare. (Update your resume while you’re at it.)
  • Clean up your workspace – that means your desk and desktop. (You don’t need all of those notebooks, friend.)

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TL;DR: Spring cleaning your business

So, your job if you made it this far is to pick a day to refresh, update, remove, and simplify all your business tasks. I know this looks like a lot, but even it’s a half-hour, it’s better than stressing out later over something you can take care of tout suite.

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