Resource Library: Create Yours For Free with MemberVault

Want to create a free resource library as your opt-in? Learn how to set yours up for free with MemberVault.

Why create a resource library?

By creating one, this will be the one-stop-shop for freebies instead of creating a landing page or opt-in form for each lead magnet.
This library lets your subscribers sign up once to download all of your freebies so no need to fill out the form every single time.
And when setting one up in MemberVault, you can list your products and services to easily turn your subscribers into customers and future clients.

Watch this video on YouTube (+ like and subscribe while you’re there 😀):

How to Set Up Your Resource Library

Login into your dashboard, click Products, and Add Product under Available Products.

Under Product Information, pick Active. For Type pick Regular, and Title as “Resource Library”, then Add Product.

For images, you can create yours in Canva by picking YouTube Thumbnail

Once you’re done designing your product image, add your Description. This is where you’ll add info about your resource library. List as “Free resource library for __your audience__”. And tell them about 2-3 freebies they’ll find inside. This could be your most popular freebies. 

The Welcome Message is what your new subscribers will see once they join. You can add their names using this code %NAME% to personalize their experience. 

Skip the modules for now. In Signup Options, pick Form. When you’re ready to sell a digital product, you can pick “Link” to redirect them to your sales page outside of MemberVault or “Payment” so they can buy it from here. 

Pick Form, then the button text can say “Sign up!”. 

The Teaser message is where you’ll add the sales copy for your product or service. For this freebie, add more info about what they’ll get once they’re inside. And since this is connected to your email marketing tool, you’ll also share what to expect and when every week/month. 

In the Terms box, link to your Privacy and Terms page from your website. 

You can leave the Thank You message as is. Then Save your work.

Scroll back up to modules and here’s where you can add your freebies. 

Under Module Info, pick Module, Title can be “Library”, then Add Module.

Optional – create another module once you’re done with this and use Teaser. Here you can add your affiliate links from your tools and resources page. This module will be available to everyone – subscribed or not.

For your image, create a Canva graphic for 1200×200.

Leave these description boxes blank for now. 

Click Lessons then Add Lesson. Add title of lesson “Freebies”. And in the Lesson Text, add your freebies here. This can be links to your freebies or scroll down the Files section to upload your files. I recommend adding your freebies to the Text box. 

In Questions, you can ask “What else would you like to learn?” or “What should I create next?” for engagement. 

Save and Preview to make sure everything is all good.

Pro Tips

Create a shorter link with or Pretty Links plugins in WordPress. 

Use that link when you’re promoting your free resource library.

Create a graphic for social media and Pinterest to link to your library. 

And add it to your landing page as “Free Resource Library”. Now every time you create a freebie, add it to your Lessons. Send folks to your link in bio to download your new freebie. Once you add more services and products, they’ll be able to check out all of your offerings listed in MemberVault. 


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