How To Write Your About Page for Your Creative Business + Blog

You probably have the basics of writing your about page:

“Who are you? Where you’re from? What’s your struggle story? How you got started in your field? What are your skills and experience? What do you love about what you do? Who do you want to help? What are your beliefs/values/passions?” – How to Improve Your WordPress Website + Get it Client-Ready

Maybe you want to add a little oomph to it to stand out from the crowd. Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t think you have enough info to add to your page yet. Or, maybe you’re like me.. just avoiding it altogether, pretending it doesn’t exist. #HeyTwin.

For those perfectionists or newbies out there, here’s a roundup of 11 resources to help you create one of the most important pages on your website. You can choose one of the posts or courses/quizzes to guide you or combine your favorites and get started on your about page aujourd’hui.

Struggling to write your about me page for your creative business? Here are 11 tips + resources to help create yours today. | How to Write Your About Page for Your Creative Business and Blog

Struggling to write your about me page for your creative business? Here are 11 tips + resources to help create yours today. @msguery

5 Things You Need In Your About Page
My suggestion would be your city and niche you most commonly discuss. For instance or Since I made this change to my about page 5 plus years ago, I am constantly at the top of search for Dallas Lifestyle Blogger and Dallas Beauty Blogger.” – Neely, It Starts With Coffee

How to Write an About Me Page That Will Get You Sales
Start with the end, it’s the easiest to write. Make sure that the very last thing you leave your reader with is a strong call to action about what you want them to do next.” – NJ Rongner, The Higgins Creative

10 Steps to a Killer About Page for Artists and Creatives
Craft a short, one-sentence statement of that single thing that is most memorable about you as an artist, that one thing you do that sticks in peoples’ minds.

To help with this, imagine a conversation in which your name comes up (in a good way). What do people say – or what do you want them to say – to complete this sentence, “I know him/her, he/she does this!”” – Leanne, Make Creativity Pay

How to Write the Perfect About Me Page (With Examples + Printable Graphic!
After reading your about me page, your reader should be crystal clear on who you are helping and the purpose behind your blog. Whether it is to entertain, inform, or to solve a particular problem, you have to ensure that your about page evokes an “OMG YES!” reaction from your target audience.” – Raelyn Tan

How to Write An “About Me” Page for Your Blog
Share Your Values: Having a set of values can contribute significantly to your brand. It shows the type of blog or company you aspire to be and the morals you follow.” –

How to Write an extraordinary About Me Page (plus examples)
Now that your readers have a brief idea on who you are and what your Blog is about, market your services. Remember to keep this section updated. As your Blog evolves, your services may change as well. Make sure that you update it every 6 months, just to keep it fresh.” – Mary Angela

How to Write a Killer About Me Page For Your Blog (Free Worksheets)
A call to action (or CTA) is something that encourages your readers to…you guessed it, take action! This could be something like asking them to subscribe to your newsletter or to say “hello” to you on Twitter. The reason why your CTA is SO important is because you want the person reading your About Page to stick around for the long haul.” – Melyssa Griffin

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For a step-by-step guide, try one of these courses:

The About Page Recipe: How to Write an About Page You Actually WANT People to Read – Nikki Elledge Brown (Video series)

How to Write Your Website’s About Page: 7 Step Check-list – Ashlyn Writes (Post and 6-day email course)

Brand Voice Style Quiz – Kayla Hollatz (5 question quiz)

We’re probably not the only ones struggling to write an about page, so don’t leave your homies hanging. Pin this to your favorite board or share with your folks.

While I work on creating my page (and hopefully you do the same), make sure you check out some of my fave tools and resources.


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