8 Things You Can Do to Grow Your Blog and Biz

And we’re back with Part 4 of the Create Your Biz Series. Let’s do a quick recap before we get to growing your blog and business. So far:

You’ve figured out what you want to do and who you’re trying to attract by finding your niche.

You know where to find and attract ideal clients. You know how to keep them happy and coming back for more. And for the bad ones.. insert Do Not Enter sign.

You created your fly brand and style kit and created graphics on Canva (or Photoshop if you’re fancy).

Your mobile-friendly and user-friendly site is up and running. And you have a few blog posts published + over 200 ideas to keep you occupado all year.

And to avoid burnout and overwhelm, you have your self-care plan in place. So when drama ensues, you can say “Back off, yo. You’re messing with my chi.”

Way to go, kiddo.

As we continue on, we’re going to connect with like-minded folks so you don’t have to handle your business all by your lonesome. Here are 8 ways you can grow your blog and business.

8 Ways to Grow Blog Business: Connect with like-minded folks so you don't have to handle your business all by your lonesome.

Find + Create Your Tribe

What are the benefits of finding your peeps? You can get answers to your 50-11 questions from people who’ve been there and done that. You can share your struggle stories or hear from others. And you can share your small + major wins to inspire others in your community.

Read Why You Need Business Besties and How to Find Them by Devan Danielle and the 7 Tips For Finding Your BBFs (And Why You Need Them):

It’s time for you to find some BBFs, my friend. Either best blog friends or best business friends, whichever you need. People who understand how important spikes in blog traffic, how exciting repins are, and how meaningful things like guest posts and blog comments are.

Your BBFs are going to be people like you, who “get” you, even if they’re not in the exact same niche or line of work. They are crucial to your success because if you don’t have others to celebrate with, to bounce ideas off of, to plan, scheme + dream with, then your creative growth might get a bit stunted. No one likes that.

– Regina of byRegina.com

Find out Why You Should Join (or Start) a Mastermind Group from Erin Flynn. Join one of these 6 Slack Groups for Women and network without leaving your desk.

Connect offline at local Meetups or try these 25 Ways To Build A Local Following.

More resources: For my fellow coders, find out where to volunteer, join other diverse coder groups and meetups. Join with other coders or 100 Days of Code and spend an hour a day coding to grow your skills.

Join a Facebook Group

From the Freelance to Freedom Project, join the Freelance To Freedom Project Community. This group has 6,000+ newbies, part-timers, and seasoned freelancers.

Caitlin Bacher’s has 15,000+ members in For Love + Money where can build a business and make money doing it.

Laurence Bradford’s group called Newbie Coder Warehouse has 4,100+ self-taught coders/programmers.

The Foxley Rockstars is “for kick-ass designpreneurs who are ready to take the fiery business bull by the horns, hunt down those big dreams of theirs and bitch-slap them into reality.” What she said. Join 3000+ freelancers and entrepreneurs to get tips to grow your business.

Swap skills, spaces, and objects in OurGoods FB group with 800+ creatives in NYC.

More groups to check out: Savvy Business Owners by Heather Crabtree, Booked Out Besties by Betty Means Business, Millo Mastermind by Millo, and Tech Ladies®, plus 10 Extraordinarily Empowering Facebook Groups for Women

Chat on Twitter

Ambitionista for dream-chasing ambitious women in their 20s and 30s. – Every Monday at 8pm EST

Chat with other self-taught coders on Code Newbies. – Every Wednesday at 9pm EST

And here are 16 Twitter Chats to Find Your Creative Tribe from Krissany of Ambitious and Twitter Chats for Creativepreneurs from Kayla Hollatz.

Grow Your Blog + Email List

Try a few of these 29 Ways to Give Back to Your Blog Community and learn The Difference Between Growing an Audience and Community (and Why Both Matter!) by Kayla Hollatz.

You can read about Creating Your Own Community With Your Blog by Jennifer of The Blog Market.

Choose from one of these 23 Ideas For Your Email List Opt-in Freebie from Lisa Butler. And once you have a few freebies to share, learn how to set up Mailchimp from Melyssa Griffin’s tutorial: How The Heck Do You Use Mailchimp? A Full Tutorial (With Video!) For Sending Your First Newsletter.

To make sure your readers receive your newsletters/emails, use your domain’s email address instead of your Yahoo or Gmail account.

You can use plugins like MailMunch for Mailchimp to create opt-in forms to match your brand. Make sure to add them Eh.Very.Where. – home, about, contact, end of blog posts, sidebar, and footer.

More reading: 70 Smart Tips To Instantly Boost Your Blog from Marketing Insider Group.

Freebie: Use this Blog + Social Media Stats spreadsheet to keep track of your growth.

Create + Promote Products

Create ebooks or workbooks to show off your expertise and problem-solving skills, and avoid feast and famine by following this Guide to Creating e-Products from Nora Conrad.

You can create worksheets with Google Docs, Apple Pages, or InDesign. Allison Haag from Teachable has video tutorials for all three: How to Create Worksheets & Freebies for Your Online Business.

Tool to use: PDF Escape is a free PDF editor and form filler. If your readers can’t print out your worksheets, they can easily type their notes in the fillable forms.

Read The Truth About Passive Income: What it is, what it isn’t, how to make it, and the systems you need to make it work from Mariah Coz.

7 Ways To Promote Your Products For People Who Hate Self-Promotion:

If you, A) want to build a business and B) want to make money from that business, you gotta get over all of those things real quick.
People have followed you online because they want to hear from you. If they like your free blog posts and your weekly emails, they will probably be all about whatever product you’ve just launched. Don’t deny them the opportunity to work with you or advance their skills. Because that’s what you’re doing when you don’t promote – you’re making sure they miss out.

– Sarah of xosarah.com

Try one of these 75 Ideas To Market Your Business On A Small Budget by Kamila Gornia.

Start Guest Blogging

Start with the Beginner’s Guide to Guest Blogging from Brandon Gaille and learn the 10 Tips for Writing a Guest Post from Haute Notes.

Join Melyssa Griffin’s Online Business BFFs Facebook group to find folks looking for guest bloggers. You can also find one for your own blog and have them follow the Content Guidelines For Guest Posters.

Learn How to Guest Blog Like a Boss by Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur. This post will help you get guest-post gigs without being a recognized “blogger” (even if you’re new), build your email list, build relationships with other bloggers you want to collaborate with, and grow your blog and audience.

Listen + Create Your Own Podcasts

Check out one of these podcasts to get you inspired + motivated:
1. 5 Podcasts For Boss Lady (Women) Entrepreneurs from Megan Nicole Designs.
2. 9 Podcasts for Lady Bosses to help you work smarter and play harder by Nesha Woolery.

Coders can listen to Dev Chat for weekly discussions for developers or the Best Podcasts for New Coders and the best tools for listening to them from Free Code Camp.

Follow these tips to learn How To Make A Successful Podcast from Joe Donovan.

Hire Your Dream Team

Go from team “doallthethings” to do some of the things and let others handle the rest. Here are 5 Ways to Outsource Work When You’re a Perfectionist and 9 Ways To Feel Less Stressed As An Entrepreneur by Melyssa Griffin.

Follow Luvvie’s tips on Firing Myself and Ending the Empire of One:

FIRE YOURSELF. Outsource some of your life. Because you know what won’t be cute on a tombstone? “Her grind was impeccable and she did it all by herself.” We have no one to prove anything to. Especially for those of us who have established ourselves for over a decade. What other receipts do we need to show? We are usually Type A, perfectionist types who do not know how to let go of reins.

It is time. Let them go. Build your team. Find your helpers. Get some more sleep.

If you’re something like a control freak (I’m not judging.), watch Marie Forleo’s video and Learn How To Delegate in 5 Steps.

Find web designers/developers, photographers, copywriters, coaches, or business consultants from One Woman Shop or in one of the Facebook groups above and start growing your team.

For bosses on a budget, join barter communities like Our Goods or The Barter Babes to exchange services:

Barter Babes exists to help bold, ambitious bosses embrace entrepreneurship with confidence and a community of like-minded girl bosses behind them. Our online platform connects you to women locally and virtually who are willing to exchange their services and talents to help empower you and your business.

Have more tips for growing your blog and business? Share your thoughts below. And don’t forget to share with your buddies on Twitter + Pinterest.

This post is Part 4 of 5 for Create Your Dope Biz series. The last post of the series will have a detailed list of 101+ tools (free to low-cost) to help you streamline your workflow and keep you productive (and sane). 101+ Free to Affordable Tools for Your Business.

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