What are your favorite tools + resources to use for creating blog posts?

What’s in My Blogging Toolkit (+ free downloads)

Forgive me, Blog Mother. For I have sinned.

It’s been 4 months and 20 days since my last post.

I know. I should be purged. Please let me explain..

What Had Happened Was…

I was all over the place. No process. No schedule. And, like everything else in life, I was winging it.

It went something like this.. Hmm.. I should write something. Writes a little something. Procrastinates. Some more writing. Researches topic. 20 tabs and 6 hours later. Dang, I forgot about you. Saves draft in Google Docs. Goes back to procrastinating. The end.

Or worse. I would live post on TMI posts (over 1000 words). So, burnout was an understatement.

I was also super annoyed with all the noise: You should post about this. At this time. Every other day and on every social media outlet. Now create content for your email list and then you’ll gain 30,000 signups in 3 days.

And all of that noise led me to “I got better things to do.” (I really didn’t and I’m all caught up with Stranger Things to prove it.) So here I am, months later, wondering why my site isn’t popping. Silly rabbit. Traffic is for the consistent folk.

What's in my blogging toolkit? Freebie Download: Favorite tools + resources to use for creating blog posts. Plus monthly theme ideas, + best times to schedule posts + see stats on social media. | msguery.net

How Marjy Got Her Groove Back

There are 6 million ways to blog, but I’m going to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, shorty) and just do my own thing. Want to know what that thing is?? Course you do, that’s why you’re here.

Created a checklist and template
I was trying to remember all the basic to-dos when creating a post. Now I have a checklist and template to follow so I can give my brain a break.

Created monthly themes
I have 12 themes laid out for 2017. I have plenty of ideas to last me a while, but creating themes will help me when I don’t know what to write. (e.g., Jan. – Planning/Learning, Feb. – Self-care). My goal is to have 2 posts every month: one for the blog and a mini-post for my email list.

Batch processing + scheduling
I’m going to avoid burnout thanks to Mattieologie’s #BatchPlease webinar she had a few weeks ago. And I’m also using this worksheet from Paper and Oats to create batch days for content creation (and other blog + biz things).

I’ll choose one weekend and split the following tasks:

  1. Plan – Mind map and outline on paper. Research links, stock photos, any missing info (with a time limit).

  2. Create – Type post in Google Docs and add graphics using my templates in Canva. Transfer the post to WordPress with Wordable

  3. Edit – Use Grammarly to clean up, and check for broken links.

  4. Extras – Create freebie in Google Docs or Canva. Add it to resources library using Easy Content Upgrades (affiliate). Add opt-in form in post.

  5. Schedule – Add categories on WordPress, repurpose content and use Buffer to share on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, set reminders to share in Facebook groups. Use Board Booster for Pinterest to add it to my secret board and which automatically moves the pin to my main boards.

Get in and focus on where I fit in
Instead of wasting time on Google+ or Periscope, I’m going to focus on Twitter and Linkedin. And for Pinterest, I can just pin (and re-pin) my posts when I’m on it. (Which is all the damn time. #KanyeShrug)

Trello + Evernote
I get easily distracted so I put all devices on airplane mode and write any + all random thoughts down (or add it to Evernote) and get back to creating. Later on, I organize and add it to Trello. I made a board for all things blogging.

I have links to tools like Headline Analyzer, and resources (blog post ideas, secret inspiration board on Pinterest) all in one spot. Plus, a calendar to keep track of deadlines.

If you’re in the same boat and want to get your ish together for 2017, copy the checklist/toolkit with all the tools and resources for your next blog post.

If you were in the same boat, what did you do to get back on track? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to share with your folks below.

Photo Credit: Bloom and Flourish

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